Clarion man charged in alleged sexual assault

CLARION – A 55-year-old Clarion man has been charged with 49 sexual assault-related offenses involving a young female alleged victim.

John Mark Servey is charged with 16 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, a first-degree felony; 16 counts of aggravated indecent assault of a child, a first-degree felony; 16 counts of indecent assault of a person less than 13 years of age, a first-degree misdemeanor; and one count of corruptions of minors, also a first-degree misdemeanor, in Clarion Township.

According to court documents, on July 14 the alleged victim arrived at the state police barracks in Monroe Township with her mother to report being sexually assaulted.

During the interview the victim reported she was sexually assaulted by Servey from the age of 7 until the age of 14.

The victim reported the incidents took place while she and her sister would stay at the defendant’s house, and at a camper the defendant owned on another road.

The victim told police the defendant allegedly would wait until her sister and she were asleep. The alleged victim stated she would be awakened by the defendant taking off her pajama pants and underwear.

The defendant allegedly would put his head and privates between the alleged victim’s legs.

The alleged victim told police this happened more times than she could count and the defendant always did the same thing just not in the same order.

The alleged victim stated during the incidents she pretended to be asleep, and then never told anyone until recently because she was scared.

The alleged victim said the incidents stopped after the defendant’s wife passed away and they stopped spending the night at the house.

The alleged victim said she was coming forward now because she didn’t want anyone else to go through what she had.

A forensic interview was conducted at Jefferson County Pa. Cares with a professional forensic interviewer.

During the interview the alleged victim gave more specific details about the indecent acts performed on her consistent with what the victim had told police earlier.

A written statement signed by the victim was entered into evidence at the state police barracks.

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