Wreaths of America to take place at Fryburg cemetery

St. Michael Cemetery in Fryburg will participate in Wreaths of America for the first time at noon Saturday, Dec. 17. Individuals who will take part in the ceremony include featured speaker Col. Sam Wagner, speaker and wreath presenter Braxton White, guardian of the wreaths Craig Siegel, soloist Heidi Baschnagel, bugler Cayden Bowser, and wreath presenters Ray Wiant, Russell Weaver, David Kaye Sr. and Dennis Bundy. Anyone who has a relative or friend who was a veteran buried at St. Michael Cemetery will have the opportunity to place a wreath at the veterans’ graves. Wreaths were purchased for all 220 veterans buried at the cemetery through the generosity of the Fryburg community. More information is available from coordinator Jacqueline Griebel at (814) 657-5728. For more local news, visit TheClarionNews.com.