Career Center produces sweet and edible housing

Pictured are the afternoon culinary arts students (front from left) Charity Hannold, Starrsha Howell, Steven Dunkle, Lucy Kline and Dana Rupert and (back row)Shawna Kaufman, Bryan Reichard and Henry Baldwin, displaying their custom-made edible housing.
From staff reports

SHIPPENVILLE – Students in the culinary arts and hospitality class at the Clarion County Career Center don’t have to buy one of those little gingerbread house kits at the store. They are learning the joy of designing, constructing and decorating their own gingerbread houses during class.

First year students were assigned “A” frame structures to build and decorate. Traditional cottage styles were completed by second year culinary students and the third year students were able to research and create their own masterpieces.

Randy Shook, chef instructor, along with instructional aides, Nancy Campbell and Tonya Horne, let the student’s imaginations run wild on how to decorate the houses.

The whimsical and creatively decorated houses feature details such as a sugar-dome on a round structure, pond made of poured blue-tinted hard sugar, sugar cone trees, pretzel fences and pretzel lined roofs, coconut thatch roof.

Some included a sled riding gingerbread man, jelly bean pathway, shredded wheat roof tiles, marshmallow snowmen, powdered sugar dusted roof and a crushed peppermint pathway.

A fast food-themed house with candy cane arches, surf shack with gingerbread surf boards and Snoopy’s dog house complete with a battery operated string of lights were some of the unique creations.

The completely edible creations were rolled, cut and baked from scratch. The gingerbread houses are displayed in the front lobby of the school, which has created a sweet-smelling winter wonderland.

Students, staff and visitors are able to vote for their favorite which will give the winning creator bragging rights in culinary.

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