CUP sets Kids in College week

From staff reports

Clarion University invites children in kindergarten through eighth grade to Kids in College, from July 16 to 20 at the Venango campus.

Individuals can register for the entire week or take individual classes.

The following is the schedule of events grouped by grades:

Grades K-2:

July 16, Dino day

July 17, Buggy fun

July 18, Solar system savvy

July 19, Nature day

July 20, Adventure day

Grades 3-5:

July 16, Scientist for the day

July 17, Crime fighter for the day

July 18, Engineer for the day

July 19, Geologist for the day

July 20, Adventure day

Grades 6-8:

July 16, Elements, electricity, eggs, engineering

July 17, Solar S’mores, mailing pringles, brew and chew, engineering

July 18, Smoke rings, soda experiments, Bernoulli’s principle, sublimation and rockets

July 19, Farmers and babies, polymers, non-Newtonian fluids, moon phases, engineering

July 20, Adventure day

For more information about the classes, to download a registration form or to apply for Kids in College financial aid, visit and type in Kids in College.

Those with questions, contact Kyle Vickers, coordinator, Academic Resource Center, at (814) 393-1344 or by email at