Search for Ohio plane that vanished will last until recovery

Capt. Michael Mullen of the U.S. Coast Guard answers questions during a news conference at Burke Lakefront Airport, Friday, Dec. 30, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP)

CLEVELAND (AP) – Cleveland officials say the search for a plane carrying six people that disappeared last week over Lake Erie will continue until the aircraft is found.

Officials said more debris that possibly came from the plane was found Tuesday on the shoreline. They have said many of more than 120 pieces of debris found are consistent with that type of aircraft and a bag from the plane was found.

Tuesday was the third consecutive day that weather conditions allowed searchers to look for the Columbus-bound Cessna 525 Citation that vanished shortly after takeoff Thursday night from Burke Lakefront Airport.

Officials say the search area covers about 12 square miles.

A business executive was piloting the plane carrying his wife, two sons and two neighbors, including a University of Wisconsin-Madison student.