Fashion show at the Clarion County Fair

Annie Barnett did an impression of movie character Annie Hall during the lead line contest at the Clarion County Fair on Thursday. Barnett participated with her daughters in the fashion show and led Beauty. (By Randy Bartley)
Staff writer

There was a fashion show on Thursday at the Clarion County Fair — not for animals but for the sheep owners.

But there was one catch — the owners had to dress in garments made of wool.

“This is a fun day,” said Annie Barnett, who participated with her daughters. She did admit wearing wool in 90-degree weather was “a fun day but toasty.”

Following the show, the barnyard games were held. The games included team nail pounding, a human barrel race (on a slippery cement surface) and other games.

One of the contestants was Kazakhstan-born Natalya Demina, who helped her three-year-old son, Nicolas, run the barrel race.

Demina appears in the Pompeyo Dog Show daily at the fair.

Thursday’s events also included the Derby Dogs Demo Derby and power wheels race.

Today is senior citizens Day at the fair. Events include an antique tractor show and antique tractor pull.


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