Western Pennsylvania gas prices fall again

PITTSBURGH – The average price of gasoline across western Pennsylvania is nearly 2 cents cheaper this week over the previous week at $2.82 per gallon, according to AAA East Central’s Gas Price Report.

However, once again, the local area’s average price is not in lockstep for the most part.

According to AAA, average gasoline prices throughout the area are as follows: Venango County, $2.93; Clarion County, $2.92; Forest County, $2.85; Crawford County, $2.95; Jefferson County, $2.85; Mercer County, $2.81; Butler County, $2.79; and Warren County, $2.91.

The average price of gas in western Pennsylvania during this time last year was $2.53.

Motorists across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states are seeing slight increases at the start of the holiday week. According to AAA, increases are likely due to the substantial amount of holiday motorists – 16 million in the Northeast – expected to travel this week.

In the region, Pennsylvania – at $2.75 – carries the most expensive state gas-price average and lands on the top-10 list of most expensive averages in the country.

The Energy Information Administration’s statistics show regional gasoline stocks built, but by a marginal 600,000 barrels, to total 62.9 million barrels. In the same time frame, regional refinery rates increased, though only by 1%.

According to AAA, gas prices are likely to see some fluctuation in the week ahead, but any increases are not expected to be large spikes or to linger long.

On the national front, more than 100 million Americans are taking to the road to travel for the holidays, but that hasn’t had a large impact on gas prices, AAA said. At the start of the work week, only about a dozen states are seeing more expensive gas prices with increases of less than a dime.

Today’s national average is $2.54, which is a penny less than last week and a nickel cheaper than last month.