Trees offered to benefit 4-H program

From staff reports

The Forest County 4-H Office will be holding the annual tree sale in addition to perennial bulbs and small fruit varieties as a fundraiser in support of the youth development program. This year’s sale offers the following selection:

Fruit trees–four varieties of apples, two varieties of peaches, and two varieties of pears

Small fruits–red and black raspberries, blackberries, blueberry sets, everbearing strawberries.

Coniferous tree seedlings–sold in sets of ten (two-year old seedlings range in size from four inches to ten inches) conifer species include: white pine, blue spruce, Norway spruce, white spruce, Douglas fir.

Deciduous trees and shrub seedlings sold in sets of ten (seedlings range in size from six inches to twenty-four) deciduous species include: tulip polar, black cherry, white oak, red oak, persimmon.

Perennial and annual bulbs and plants–(spring planting and summer blooming) varieties include: Four O’Clock, blazing stars, Jaquar flowers, peacock orchid, allium mix, bleeding hearts.

Complete order forms and variety description sheets are available from the Forest County Extension Office at 530 Elm St. in Tionesta. You can also call 814-755-3544 or email if you would like an order form.

Ordering deadline is Friday, March 1, for all fruit tree orders. The fruit trees are pre-ordered in a limited number and sell quickly. Order early to ensure quantity is available. The remaining items may be ordered until Wednesday, March 13.

The pick-up for items will be set for one day only at the Forest County 4-H Center located five miles south of Tionesta. Friday, April 12 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. will be the only day for pick up. The Forest County 4-H Center is located off of Route 36 just south of the former State Police barracks.

Look for the large 4-H sign as well as tree sale signs to guide you.