‘Trail Racers’ pitch in for ‘North Country’ chapter

From staff reports

Clarion Chapter of the North Country Trail recently received a donation from Cook Forest Trail Racing.

While showing off the new trail shirts, members Dave Galbreath, Ed Scurry and Dave Miller received the check from Bob Bauer of the Cook Forest Trail Racers.

Cook Forest Trail Racing is a non-profit organization whose sole function is to give back to our local state parks.

Profits from their events go back into the trails. Some events have included repairs and renovations to both the camp and corduroy trails in Cook Forest, the North Country Trail, and assistance to the Siegel Fire Department, as it provides EMS and fire police services for the events.

Clarion Chapter of North Country Trail will put the donation to good use maintaining its local trails.

The Clarion County chapter is responsible for developing, promoting and maintaining the North Country Trail’s pathway in and around Clarion County. The chapter’s section offers 96 miles of adventure into the Pennsylvania countryside.

The North Country National Scenic Trail, generally known as the North Country Trail or simply the NCT, is a footpath stretching over 4,600 miles from Middlebury in central Vermont to Lake Sakakawea State Park in central North Dakota in the United States; connecting both the Long Trail (and Appalachian Trail) with the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Passing through the eight states of Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota, it is the longest of the eleven National Scenic Trails authorized by Congress.

The members of the Clarion Chapter of the North Country Trail invite you to join them on their monthly hikes.

If you would like to purchase one of the trail shirts, they are available for $10. Contact secretary Susan Giering at sigiering@gmail.com.