Tionesta bridge project expected to be finished soon

Tionesta’s Elm Street Bridge project is expected to be completed in early October, Forest County commissioners announced at their meeting Thursday.

Commissioners on Thursday approved a payment in the amount of $90,061.51 to Thomas Construction of Grove City for the period ending Aug. 8. The amount represents $85,558.45 of federal and state money plus a five percent county match of $4,503.06.

The project began in June, with a total contribution of $50,000 from the county out of its liquid fuels account.

Although the bridge doesn’t get much traffic, it is the only detour available if the Route 36 bridge is closed.

In other business Thursday, The panel awarded the garage project bid to Dynasty Construction, based in Corry, in the amount of $244,000. Work is scheduled to begin no later than Oct. 1.

The project includes demolition and construction of a new county maintenance garage and storage area with an upstairs office space and conference room.

The board also approved a motion to increase the health incentive pay to employees who don’t participate in any of the county provided health, dental or vision insurance from $941.45 to $1,200. The payment will be $80 less if the employee carries dental insurance and $20 less if the employee carries vision insurance.

Commissioners will next meet Thursday, Oct. 4, at the courthouse in Tionesta.