Clarion County on teddy bear hunt

From staff reports

There is a bear hunt going on in Clarion County, and you don’t need a hunting license.

It’s a hunt for teddy bears.

“We’ve been seeing posts about bear hunts,” Clarion Area Chamber of Business & Industry Executive Director Tracy Becker said.

“Many of us in our own homes have been participating in the bear hunt, and we’d like to see this thing go wild in Clarion County.”

Becker said the idea is for everyone to hide a teddy bear in a window of a home for children to find while they are out with their parents.

“Since we are social-distancing, this is a great way for people to say hello to each other,” she said.

The concept for the bear hunt, Becker said, stemmed from the book “Going on a Bear Hunt.”

“It is becoming a worldwide event with families putting bears in their windows, hiding them in trees, tying them to fences, and even creating giant bears out of hay bales,” Becker said. “So let’s see how many bears we can see in all of Clarion County.”