Two-day canoe paddle planned

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy will hold the 2018 Wild and Scenic Clarion River Sojourn Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 18 to 19 at Clear Creek State Park, Sigel.

The cost per per person for one day of canoeing is $50 and $90 for two days.  Attendees will meet between 8 and 8:45 p.m. at the Clear Creek State Park boat launch for registration.

The first day’s paddle entails a 13-mile trip starting in Hallton, paddling down river through miles of the beautiful undisturbed Pennsylvania wilds. Along with a few riffles and small waves we may encounter a little excitement on Pine Rapid, a class 1 to 1+ designated rapid.

Clear Creek State Park is recognized as an important bird area, so bird enthusiasts are encouraged to take their binoculars in order to birdwatch.

Free tent camping for sojourn registrants is provided.

Following the completion of the first day’s float, there will be a presentation about historic and current efforts to conserve the Clarion River’s scenic corridor and important natural resources. At the end of the day, attendees will arrive at Clear Creek State Park for evening presentations on various subjects and overnight tent camping.

On Sunday morning, participants will convene at pavilion 4 of Clear Creek State Park for breakfast, morning programming and launch.

There will be a presentation about unique critters that inhabit every part of the Clarion River, including, hellbender salamanders and freshwater mussels. The presentation will also explore
the highlights of an award-winning, historic effort to save freshwater mussels in the Allegheny River and re-introduce thousands of them into the waters of the Clarion River.

The second day’s journey will launch from Clear Creek State Park. The predetermined route will pass through a locally known bald eagle nesting area. There will be a stop for a riverside
lunch presentation about old growth forests.

The two-day event will come to an end at the Cook Forest State Park office in Cooksburg. A shuttle service will return the group to base camp at Clear Creek State Park.

Registration fee includes daily meals, snacks, entertainment, canoe rental and shuttle service for the event. A commemorative t-shirt is also included with this package. There also is an option to participate in a shorter one-day paddle.

For more information, people may contact Kylie Maland by calling (814) 776-1114 or emailing her at