State police: Remember safety over the holiday

From staff reports

PUNXSUTAWNEY – Captain Bernard J. Petrovsky, Commanding Officer, Pennsylvania State Police, Troop C, Punxsutawney would like to remind motorists safety should be the number one priority when traveling during the Independence Day holiday. Speed is the leading cause of traffic accidents; therefore Troop C. Troopers will focus on drivers who do not obey the speed limit.

It has been proven unrestrained occupants of vehicles stand a higher chance of being killed or seriously injured in a crash. Remember to buckle up and secure children properly in child safety seats.

Securing young people correctly is continually being addressed and changes are implemented often. Take the initiative to ensure children ride safely and learn the proper techniques to carefully secure them. Step one in this process should be to read the vehicle owner’s manual and the instructions for the child seat and follow the recommendations.

Every year numerous people lose their lives as a result of intoxicated operators. In an attempt to keep a drunk driver from causing pain and sorrow, the state police in Troop C will be conducting DUI patrols around the July 4 holiday. Impairment begins after the first drink.

An operator over 21 can be charged with DUI if their blood alcohol content is .02 percent or greater. Controlled substance DUI is a criminal offense that is being addressed aggressively at this time.

Troopers have tolls in place to recognize charge and prosecute drugged DUI offenders. Remember, don’t allow a friend to drive drunk.

The Independence Day holiday is well known for people picnicking and gathering together for celebration, but unfortunately some of the activities that go hand in hand with this holiday can spell danger.

It is illegal to use or sell fireworks in the state of Pennsylvania, except under certain regulated situations. Keep in mind the smallest firecracker can cause serious injuries.

Patience on the roadways and common sense at gatherings will help ensure a safe and enjoyable time during this holiday.