Newbie tech company becomes Google partner

Clarion News writer

Gordon Barrows, a New Bethlehem resident, knew in high school he would run a tech company.

“It was about ninth-grade when I had decided computer repair is what I wanted to do when I grew up,” he explained.

Barrows’ decision led to TechReady Professionals, Inc., a company that fixes computers, designs websites and trains business owners in electronic operations.

As of December 2018, TechReady also serves as a Premier Google Partner.

“Businesses apply for that (partnership), specifically businesses that offer advertising and marketing services,” explained Barrows, acting TechReady president and CEO.

As a Premier Google Partner, TechReady will be able to provide clients with better Search Engine Optimization and more enhanced servers, among other things.

“Our most recent partnership with Google will have the greatest impact on our website clients, who will receive the fastest and most secure technology on the market,” Barrows summarized.

TechReady also has access to funding from Google.

“You’re able to apply for specific funding,” said Barrows, noting the partnership accompanies a grant for more than $10,000.

The grant which TechReady applied for will be invested in local non-profit organizations “in the way of technology.” Barrows wants to see the money largely invested in Redbank Valley School District and other academic centers for educational purposes.

“That’s where I would love to see the grant pushed,” he noted.

Over the past decade, TechReady has established relationships with industry leaders like Microsoft, HP, Dell, Apple, Samsung and Facebook. The road to becoming a Google partner was months long and involved a Google verification process. The partnership is perpetual.

“Not everybody gets it,” added Barrows. “It is a competitive thing to (do) this.”

Still, acquiring Google as a partner was a logical step for Barrows. TechReady had experience working with Google and was ready to expand.

“We have been working with Google for years with our clients,” said Barrows. “(And) Google luckily has a wonderful social responsibility.”

An active community member, Barrows regularly encourages his team to get involved, volunteer and participate in New Bethlehem and Redbank communities.

“One of our most important partnerships has been with the local community,” Barrows acknowledged.

According to the CEO, TechReady manages more than 100 websites for local businesses and organizations in Western Pennsylvania, all of which will see benefits from the Google partnership in the first quarter of 2019.

“Some of our clients are already seeing these tremendous benefits as our team is working feverishly to migrate everyone to the latest platform,” noted Barrows.

Perhaps TechReady’s most significant contribution to the local community is, a tourism-based community website sharing area news and attractions.

According to Barrows, TechReady has donated thousands of dollars through the website in brochures and paper marketing materials for community organizations. After years of working in the community, Barrows believes he’s built a strong customer base with a team of like-minded tech people focused on the future.

“Together, we (have) built an empire,” he acknowledged.

Barrows believes TechReady will continue to evolve, providing customers with new services and keeping up with industry trends.

“My team and I are incredibly blessed and look forward to investing these resources in our clients and community,” added Barrows. “Our partnership with Google will further enhance our company’s ability to support (them).”

TechReady will receive a digital badge from Google signifying the official partnership. This will be displayed on the company’s website and social media pages.

TechReady office hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment. Walk-ins are welcome. Call (814) 275-6714 to make an appointment, or visit