Medical marijuana dispensary opens at Brookville site

Herbology opened its ninth medical marijuana dispensary in Pennsylvania on Wednesday in Brookville.

“We offer treatment for many chronic conditions,” said Ian Gibbs, the community-marketing manager for Herbology.

The conditions treated by medical marijuana are determined by the state, and the process for registering to receive medical marijuana is also determined by the state.

Gibbs said Herbology tries to host a registration event once a month.

He said there are still relatively few doctors who are certified in the immediate area, but a prescription can be obtained from any doctor certified by the state.

Security is a key feature of the dispensaries, and the West Main Street facility in Brookville is reinforced with cement block walls.

Herbology sells its own brand of products under the “Grassroots” label but also from Cresco-Yeltrah. The Cresco grow facility is also located near Brookville.

Herbology representatives are available for outreach programs, and Gibbs may be contacted via e-mail through the Herbology website.

“Brookville is a very amazing community,” said Gibbs. “I love our location here. I am excited for Brookville and I believe it will bring more attention to Brookville.”