Lease executed for new Extension space

Clarion County commissioners on Tuesday executed a lease with Moore-Goble Partnership for new office space at the Applewood Center on Second Avenue in Clarion Borough.

The new home of the Penn State Cooperative Extension service will cost the county $1,669.50 a month. The three-year lease takes effect Jan.1.

“Extension does a lot of things people don’t know about,” Commissioner Ted Tharan said.

“Part of our conversation with them is that we want them to get more involved by doing outreach so people will know what programs they have,” Commissioner Wayne Brosius said. “They could do a monthly press release so people know what they are working on.”

“It has also been suggested that they go out and meet the farmers,” Brosius said. “We want them to get new ideas for agriculture in the area. Maybe some of our vacant land could be used for sod farming. Maybe they could show people that there are different things they can do with their vacant land instead of leaving it sit there.”

“We want them to become involved with economic development,” said Tharan. “Farming is economic development.”