How would you make the Grinch smile?

The Grinch balloon passes by windows of a building on Central Park West during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017. (AP)

According to North Clarion pre-kindergarten students in Mrs. Maggie Jordan’s, Mrs. Karen McGarrity’s and Mrs. Erin Frederick’s classrooms, to get the Grinch to smile, you:

Anna – give him lots of presents

Kyla – give him a tree in your house to decorate

Henry V. – give him a bunch of presents

Eliza – give him a banana

Garrett – give him a hat and t-shirt

Henry P. – give him a glass of milk

Toby – let him have candy canes

Harper – give him a piece of my candy cane

Mason – give him eggs

Alex – give him grapes

Liv – give him a present

Kasen – give the Grinch a cookie

Jace – give him a piece of my strawberry cake

Ava – give the Grinch two cookies

Christopher – be happy and share with people at Christmas

Aniston – give him a piece of my crayon cake

Kase – give him cupcakes

Kylar – give the Grinch some milk

Jackson – give him a Christmas tree

Vada – give him nine presents

Easton – give him a smile

Brylee – make him play soccer ball

Brody – give him ice-cream

Peyton – give him a friend

Hannah – make it snow

Kyleah – make him like snow

Lucas – make him sing happy birthday

Landon – give him one of my smiles

Kail – make him a ninja turtle for Halloween

Cevannah – play hoopity hoops with him

Zander – give him candy

Alayna – make it snow

Alden – give him a snowflake

Emmett – give him a house

Audrina – give him a donut

Kinsey – make him a sky

Alyssa – give him a present, a toy cat

Magnum – smile

Daniel – feed him pumpkin pie

Jordynn – call the police