‘Haunted Barn continues to aid VFD

ROSEVILLE – For the past 20 years the Hughes family has been scaring people in their haunted barn but this year things are different.

“We really didn’t know what to expect,” said Chris Hughes.

Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, many events were forced to shut down. Other events, like the haunted barn, found a way to carry on.

“We had to put up Plexiglas shields, shower curtains and wear face masks,” said Hughes. “Of course we are practicing social distancing.”

Hughes explained the participants in the haunted barn will be wearing facemasks unless they are already wearing a costume mask.

Clarion-Limestone High School graduate Kammi Studer applied most of the make-up. “I wouldn’t miss this for anything,” she said.

Hughes was also concerned about the attendance.

“With the virus we just didn’t know but this year was even busier than last year,” she said. “I think with so many other events shutdown people were just looking for something to do.”

The Haunted Barn is held annually to benefit the Pine Creek Volunteer Fire Company.

The Haunted Barn is held every weekend through Halloween along Old State Road just off of Route 322 in Roseville, Jefferson County.