Group gathers in Clarion to support poll workers

There was an unusual demonstration in Clarion on Wednesday. Seven people turned out in front of the Clarion County Administration Building on Main Street in support of poll workers and the job they do.

Pam Cyphert carried a sign that read “Count Every Vote.” Jamie Shropshire’s sign read “Protect the Vote” and Amy Krumich’s sign said “Poll Workers Are Heroes.” None of the demonstrators are currently poll workers.

“We are out here making sure everybody casts a vote that gets in on time,” Cyphert said. “We want the public to know that counting every vote is crucial, even if it takes a few extra days.”

The state Supreme Court has determined mail-in votes received three days after the election will be counted. Clarion County officials have said the final election results probably will not be available until the Monday after the election.

Clarion County has processed about 4,700 requests for write-in ballots out of a total of 23,712 people registered to vote in Clarion County.

In a presidential election, voter turnout usually is higher than in an off-year election.

If less than 25% of the county’s residents have voted by mail, that could mean there will be plenty for the poll workers to do on Election Day.

According to Clarion County Commissioner Ted Tharan, the county has a full staff of poll workers for the Nov. 3 election.