Forest schools celebrate ‘Start with Hello’

Forest Area School District, in partnership with Sandy Hook Promise, a national, nonprofit organization led by several family members whose loved ones were killed in the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, took part in “Start With Hello” week Sept. 23-27. “Start with Hello” teaches students how to reach out to and include those who may be socially isolated, as well as to create a culture of inclusion and connectedness within their school or youth organization. “Start With Hello” raises awareness and educates students, brings attention to the growing epidemic of social isolation in our schools and communities while empowering them to help change the culture. At East Forest schools, students participated in various activities, such as a New Student Spotlight Board, Mix It Up/No One Eats Alone Lunch, Greetings In a Different Language, and a Human Scavenger Hunt to promote connectedness and inclusion. (Submitted photo)