Elk tables Oak Grove Road project

Clarion News editor

Elk Township supervisors this month tabled a proposal for the replacement of a bridge along Oak Grove Road as the cost of the work has passed the amounted budgeted for the work.

The repairs and materials for the job are now expected to cost $165,686.

Elk Township has $46,000 in grant money set aside for the project but also agreed March 14 to purchase an International CV 515 truck at an outfitted cost of approximately $142,000, including a specified bed and snow plow. Delivery of the truck is expected in July.

With the truck already ordered, supervisors Dave Polatty, Les Wingard and Brian Miller agreed they didn’t want to put near all of the remaining road work budget toward one project.

“I hate to start my term back on the board by kicking this project down the road but maybe we should table it,” suggested Miller, who was appointed last month to replace John Knight, who resigned.

“We do need to do something about that (Oak Grove Road) bridge,” continued Miller. “But we can’t go broke doing it.”

Polatty said the township needs the new truck more than the bridge this year.

“That has to be our priority,” said Polatty.

The supervisors said they have about $169,000 to work with this summer.

“This bridge is going to cost a lot more than we expected,” said Miller. “The bridge needs to be replaced, no question, but let’s table it this month until we can check on some other possible funding.”

Polatty and Wingard agreed and the subject will be reconsidered next month.

In other business, the board took no action on a suggestion by the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors to adopt a resolution celebrating the 250th birthday of the United States in 2026 and Pennsylvania’s leading role in commemorating this event.

The three supervisors agreed the wording of the suggested resolution was not clear on what the township would be committing to do.