Commissioners expected to approve labor contract

By Randy Bartley
Staff writer

The Clarion County Board of Commissioners is expected today (April 28) to give their approval to a labor agreement with the Butler County Community College campus police department independent union.

The union covers the Clarion County sheriff’s deputies union. The deputies have been working without a contract for about 16 months.

The contract will go into effect retroactive to January 2019 and will expire Dec. 31, 2022.

Clarion County commissioner Wayne Brosius said the deputies’ wages would be adjusted in the new deal. He said the starting rate for full-time deputies would be $12.50 an hour for the term of the agreement and upon completion of the 90-day probationary period the rate would increase to $13.59 an hour.

Part-time deputies would be paid a starting rate of $12.01 an hour, which would be increased to $12.50 upon completion of the probationary period

Brosius said there would be longevity increases. Full-time employees would earn an additional quarter an hour after three years of continual employment and another quarter after five years.

Brosius said there were no changes in the medical insurance plan.

The agreement with the deputies is the final link in a complex chain of labor negotiations with county employees. The county has also signed contracts with the United Mine Workers of America who represent Children and Youth Services, corrections officers at the Clarion County jail and the county’s probation workers.