Clarion football will have 2 home fields this year

The Clarion Area High School football team will have two home fields this year.

Tuesday evening, the Clarion School Board approved a contract with Clarion University to play three of its home games at the university stadium. The remaining home games will be played at the Clarion-Limestone football field.

Clarion will pay the university $1,500 per game for the use of the stadium.

The dual home field situation is the result of an agreement between Clarion and Clarion-Limestone for a cooperative football program. Clarion already had a co-op agreement with North Clarion High School.

Clarion Superintendent Joe Carrico said Tuesday the number of students participating in fall sports programs was “good to see.”

Carrico said there were about 200 students involved with fall sports programs. There are 38 students playing varsity football including six from North Clarion, 14 from C-L and 18 from Clarion. At the Junior Level Carrico said there are 53 players, 24 from C-L, 21 from Clarion and eight from N.C.

The superintendent said there are 20 students playing volleyball, 12 on the golf team, 18 playing soccer and 43 participating in cross country.

The board voted not to sponsor a junior high golf team, which will allow the students to participate as independents.

The district is continuing to negotiate with Clarion University for the use of university track facilities.

Carrico also reported that the C-L and Clarion bands have been working together and will perform both independently and together for half time shows. The bands will participate independently during parades and competitions.

There will be changes in parking arrangements at both Clarion Elementary School and Clarion High School.

Elementary Principal Roger Walter said the problem at the school is the single entry and exit road that created a “free for all” at dismissal. Walter said that starting this year staff will be parking in the rear of the building, which will open up the front lot of parents to pick up their children.

At the high school Carrico said it was a safety issue. To resolve the problem parents picking up their children will use the side entrance. “We have created a second “u” for this,” said Carrico. That will eliminate the busses and parents using the same “u” in the front of the building.

Carrico said additional information will be sent to parents and will appear on the school website.

The high school is still without a principal. Carrico said he anticipates that an interim principal will be named at the board’s September meeting.