Clarion County auditors sworn in

There was a surprise at the swearing in ceremony at the Clarion County Courthouse on Tuesday. When Judge Sara Seidle-Patton called the newly elected county auditors forward Jackie Greibel, who was elected on the Democratic ballot, was not among them. Instead of Greibel, Ryan Wenner took the oath of office.

Greibel informed the Democratic Party shortly after the election that she would decline the office.” I wanted to continue my work in the community. The county auditor position would have taken too much time,” said Greibel. “I hope I did not disappoint anyone. I do want to thank the people who voted for me.”

Greibel recently formed a nonprofit social impact organization called the “Clarion Kindness Project.” The mission of the project is to provide support to people in Clarion County. Greibel also served as the 2023 ALF chairman.

Clarion County Interim Director of Elections Cindy Callihan said this was the first time in her memory someone has declined to take an office after having been elected for that office.

Greibel made her intentions known to the party early enough that the party was able to find a suitable replacement for her. Her replacement had to be of the same party as Greibel. The party nominated Wenner and Judge Seidle-Patton approved the appointment.

Because Greibel did not take office, Wenner will be able to serve the full four-year term of office. Had Greibel resigned after taking office, Wenner would have had to run for office at the next municipal election.

The Judge administered the oath of office to the county commissioners, Wayne Brosius, Ted Tharan and Braxton White, treasurer Karyn Montana, district attorney Drew Welsh, register and recorder Rebekah Weckerly, Prothonotary Jeff Himes, the various chief clerks, township officials and borough council members.