Clarion Co. flood damage estimates could hit $4 million

Damage estimates in the July 19 flooding in Clarion County could run as high as $4 million.

Clarion County Commissioner Ted Tharan said Tuesday the early estimates included damage to businesses, houses and roads. Tharan said some of the estimates haven’t been completed.

Tharan said the county has been in talks with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to obtain low interest loans for affected businesses. Tharan said the SBA loans won’t be available to individual homeowners.

“It does not appear that the damage in Clarion County was high enough to get any help from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency,” said Tharan.

The heavy rains caused Leisure Run, a tributary of the Redbank Creek, to flood an area just north of New Bethlehem Borough and parts of the borough.

There was also heavy damage to several businesses along Route 66 including Char Val Candy, Drummond Veterinary Hospital, Full Throttle, Air/Tak and a storage facility.

In New Bethlehem, the Redbank Valley Primary School was damaged and several houses in that area suffered significant loss.

Tharan isn’t certain if the estimates included the damage to the school.

The Redbank Valley Trail just north of New Bethlehem was also heavily damaged.