Clarion Area, C-L set to vote on co-op football next week

The long debated co-op football program between two Clarion County high schools will be determined next week.

Tuesday night Clarion Area School Board president Hugh Henry said it was the “intention” of the board to vote on the co-op issue at next week’s meeting.

Interim Superintendent Joe Carrico said that he understood the other party to the co-op agreement, Clarion-Limestone’s school board would vote on the question on the same night.

High school principal John Kimmel reported on the results of a negotiating session with committees from both schools. Kimmel said that the first year of the proposed five-year agreement, the C-L Lions would play as Clarion Bobcats. A new team name and mascot would be determined later.

Kimmel said the committee had proposed a flat fee for each of the C-L students playing football. The fee would be determined by the number of coaches employed in the expanded football program. It is anticipated that 18 C-L athletes would participate in the co-op program.

Clarion Area would employ the coaches and control the program. A joint committee would have input into any decisions.

Kimmel said the discussions with representatives from C-L had been very productive.

“We want this agreement to be fair and equitable for both parties,” said board member Shane Kreibel.

District granted extension to start recycling program

An agreement has also been reached with Clarion Borough. The borough had issued a warning letter to the school district regarding recycling. Clarion Borough has a mandatory recycling program, which the school district was not participating in.

“We have had a recycling program in place for our kitchens,” said Building and Grounds Superintendent Mike Fagley. “The borough was not aware of it.”

Fagley and Carrico met with borough officials and reached an agreement. The school district was granted an extension in order to start a district-wide program that would also educate students on the value of recycling.

“We want to do it right, not fast,” said Carrico.

Fagley said the district would employ a dumpster and “hoppers” in the buildings. He said about 90 percent of the cost of the hoppers would be paid for by a state grant.

Fagley added that currently the district is paying “per bag” for refuse removal and that would be cut by a third through the use of the dumpster, making the net cost to the district about $2,300 to $2,500 annually.

“It was a good resolution,” said Fagley.

Renovation projects

The district also received some good news on its renovation projects.

In March, 2017, the Clarion Area School Board awarded $6,128,251 in contracts for renovations at the district elementary school. That cost was reduced this week due to two change orders.

A change in the electrical contract awarded to Penn-Ohio Electrical of Masury, Ohio reduced the original contract from $888,440 to $880,750.

A change in the contract for general construction with Thomas Construction, Grove City saved the district $52,619 from the initial bid of $3,833,020.

The school board will meet in the large group instruction room at the high school at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 15.