Charges filed in Reinhard armed robbery

Staff writer

CLARION TWP. – Clarion University Public Safety has charged a 19-year-old North Versailles man with a Sept. 10 early morning armed robbery in Reinhard Villages in Clarion Township.

On Sept 11, Clarion University Public Safety Officer Josh Guntrum was called to the apartment where the armed robbery allegedly occurred by the three victims in the apartment.

Victim A, an 18 year-old male and Victim B, a female, no age provided, told Guntrum at 4:30 a.m., Sept 10, a white male named Brian Fox and an unknown black male forcefully entered the room.

Fox was allegedly holding a semi-automatic handgun and was pointing it at Victim A and Victim B, demanding they give him the Louis Vuitton bag by stating, “I want everything; Where’s the work; and Where’s the bag?”

Fox allegedly began searching the room and after locating the bag, Fox and the black male left the apartment.

Both victims left the apartment immediately and witnessed Fox and the unknown black male driving away in Fox’s white Audi.

Victim C, an 18-year-old male told Guntrum later in the day on Saturday Sept. 10, he and Victim A went to where they knew Fox parked his Audi.

Upon inspection of the Audi, the victims saw Victim C’s Clarion University ID lanyard on the driver’s seat as well as the red bandana Fox was wearing, partially exposed from under the driver’s seat.

Victim A took pictures of the bandana and license plate of Fox’s car and was able to get Victim C’s ID back as the car door was unlocked.

Both Victim A and B were able to identify Fox’s voice as being very distinct. The victims described his voice as being very deep and often speaking with slang. Victim B described his speech as “ghetto.”

Victim A told Guntrum he was also able to identify some of Fox’s eyes and other facial features, which were not covered by the bandana.

Victim A affirmed to Guntrum he was positive Fox was the one they were speaking of.

The victims also told Guntrum Fox has a gold tooth.

Victim B said she believes Fox and the black male were wearing dark colored hoodies and blue jeans.

It was later discovered that additional items were stolen from Victim C during the robbery; an Apple MacBook Pro, a backpack, a Clarion University student ID lanyard, a Subway card, a key to a safe and $2,300 in cash.

Fox is charged with two counts of robbery, a first-degree felony. Bail is set at $250,000.

The black male is still unknown at this time.