Career Center students donate to Cancer Center care fund

Tracy Myers of the Clarion Cancer Center and Clarion County Career Center students, (from left) Summer Young, Calvin Rupert, Carl Welch, Colton Murray, Tabitha Fox, Dante Walker, Nate King, Joe Winters and Josiah Ginter revealed the amount of money donated by the students at the Clarion County Career Center to the Clarion Cancer Center's Sunshine Project. (Submitted photo)
Staff writer

Clarion County Career Center students recently donated $7,081 to the Clarion Cancer Center’s Sunshine Project.

Tracy Myers from the Cancer Center said the money is used to help Clarion County residents who have cancer.

“We pay bills for them that their insurance doesn’t cover,” said Myers. “We didn’t want patients who have cancer to stress out about money.”

Myers added, “In just over three years we have paid over $160,000 in patient bills. We could not do that without the people in this community.”

Myers told the students, “Your group has probably had the biggest impact.”

Linda Skelly from the Career Center said this was the eighth year the school has made a donation to the Cancer Center.

Skelly said the money came from candy sales and money the students donated into coin containers.

In eight years the Career Center students have donated $31,762. to the Cancer Center.