Callensburg Road bridge work set to begin week of Feb. 13

From staff reports

CLARION – A 50-acre tract completely surrounded by State Game Lands 330 in Piney Township, Clarion County, has been cleared for eventual transfer to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, according to the commission.

The Board of Game Commissioners approved the transfer from PennDOT on Tuesday.

The land will be transferred to the game commission at some time in the future, according to the commission.

When game lands are affected by transportation projects, PennDOT is required to compensate the game commission for the affected acreage by providing replacement lands. For projects affecting less than five acres, the acreage is placed in reserve rather than provided in small pieces. In this case, when the total in reserve reaches 50 acres, the parcel will be transferred.

About half the Piney Township tract has been deemed a critical and unique habitat for state-endangered short-eared owl, upland sandpiper and dickcissel, as well as the state-threatened northern harrier.

The tract also has been the site of documented breeding and nesting by Henslow’s sparrow, a species of special concern.

Access to the property is from Mount Zion Road, which bisects the property to north.