Audubon Society to participate in annual Christmas Bird Count

From staff reports

Members of the Seneca Rocks Audubon Society will participate in the National Audubon Society’s 122nd Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, Dec. 18.

This is the 35th year the local chapter of the Audubon Society has been a part of the national bird count.

The local Christmas Bird Count “count circle” is a 15-miles-in-diameter area that includes Clarion, Sligo, Callensburg, Knox, Shippenville, and surrounding locations.

Teams and individuals will travel the roads and walking trails in that circle area to count the local bird populations. Feeder watchers in the circle also will be recording data from their homes.

While the annual CBC is conducted by the Audubon Society, it is open to residents in the area who are not members of the society.

“People who aren’t necessarily members but have a good eye (for birds) can be included as part of a team in our circle,” said Deb Freed, a member of the society. People who want to be feeder watchers and can identify the kinds of birds that gather in their backyards also can be part of the fun, Freed said.

The data collected by local residents will be given to the National Audubon Society and will be used to assess the health of bird populations around the world and help to guide in conservation action.

There is a map of the count circle and more details about the bird count on the SRAS website at

People who want to participate in the bird count should contact Mal Hays, the local CBC compiler, by email at

Anyone who lives within the local count circle and wants to be part of the feeder watching should contact Danette Karls by email at

Those who conduct the bird count are reminded to use caution while driving and be considerate of property rights, taking note of any “No Trespassing” signs that are posted in the area.

Participants who have magnetic “Bird Survey” signs should use them on their cars to let other people know why a vehicle is parked along the side of a road.

Those who participate in the bird count will meet at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 22, at Perkins Family Restaurant in Clarion to tally the results by teams and feeder watchers.