3 ‘tiny houses’ are nearing completion in Clarion Borough

Two of the three "tiny houses" located along Greenville Pike in Clarion are pictured here. A total of three of the small houses are nearing completion and will soon be available for rent. (By Randy Bartley)

Small things are happening in Clarion Borough as three “tiny houses” are being erected at 553 Greenville Pike.

Nonprofit Development Corp. Inc. received preliminary approval of its land development application for three 7.25 feet by 24.33 feet houses. The size of the houses was later enlarged to 10 feet 3.5 inches by 28 feet 4.25 inches.

The enlarged tiny houses are nearing completion.

Each house has a porch and is 292 square feet in size. Plans also include a new 18-foot wide gravel alley proposed to serve the development with access from Grand Avenue Extension at 553 Greenville Pike.

Christopher Lunn of Nonprofit Development in Butler said earlier the project is “aimed at people with housing needs who may be homeless, people who may have intellectual disabilities or people with mental health needs.”

The residents will be living independently with no supervision needed, Lunn said.

“These people would be higher functioning and probably more on the lower-income scale and need affordable housing,” Lunn said.

The rent is to be paid through Clarion County Human Services. After the initial period the individuals would be responsible for their own rent.